Comdeall Program For Early Intervention In Autism

The Communication DEALL program is a profile based intervention program. It caters to children with communication disorders such as PDD, ASD, SLI, DVD. The basic premise of the program is that these children have a range of deficits that affect many aspects of their development. Given the limited understanding of the cause and the possible medical management for these children, our intervention program focuses on providing each child the intervention that s/he needs. So, the intervention will address the child's strengths and limitations at that particular time. Therefore, the program, by nature is eclectic, wherein different methods are used to enhance each child's individual skills.

The Developmental Eclectic Approach to Language Learning is an early intervention program for children with developmental language disorders including Autism spectrum disorder. A detailed developmental history is taken, and the child is evaluated in 8 domains by the team.

The Prerequisite Learning Skills like attention, eye contact, sitting tolerance are stabilised in the first few months, which is essential for any learning to occur in the child. Then the focus can move to the individualised therapy program, providing training in motor, social, cognitive, emotional and communication skills, depending on the current developmental level of the child. In Mansa clinic, this program is also provided in an online Family Mediated Intervention Program mode, with an interface with COMDEALL HO, Bangalore.

With early intervention, some children with autism make so much progress that they are no longer on the autism spectrum when they are older. Early interventions not only give children the best start possible, but also the best chance of developing to their full potential.


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