Psychological Counselling Services

We can provide effective personal, group, and individualised counselling and psychological care because of our experienced Psychologists Team.We treat a number of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

The clinic currently offers testing for IQ/DQ, PERSONALITY PROFILES, and PROJECTIVE TESTS like MMPI, ROR, SENTENCE COMPLETION TEST and NEUROCOGNITIVE TESTS. We also provide counseling services like CBT, RET, Problem focused therapy, Marital Counseling, behavior therapy and care giver counseling.

We provide both offline and online counseling services and allow our clients to reach us through the mediums that they are most comfortable with.

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths.

A certified and well-experienced Psychologist in Pune can help you at Mansa Clinic who are trained in assessment and diagnosis of mental health disorders.


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We offer unique services such as Comdeall Program For Early Intervention In Autism, Dementia Clinic, Sexual Health Clinic, Child Emotional Wellness Programs, TDCS and OCD Clinic.